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Foot Massager - Premium Model
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 1
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 2
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 3
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 4
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 5
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 6
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 7
Foot Massager - Premium Model
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 1
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 2
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 3
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 4
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 5
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 6
Foot Massager - Premium Model - 7

Foot Massager - Premium Model

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Foot Massager - Premium Model
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Do you suffer from foot pain?

If so, know that you are not alone. This problem affects millions of people of all ages in many countries. After all, nbone feet still support the whole weight of our body.

Foot massager - premium model

The origin of these pain can be varied (poor shoes, poorly distributed weight load, circulation problem, lack of oxygen, stressful situation, etc.). The resulting symptoms: keratin thickens and hardens, blood circulation becomes difficult, the feet swell and become painfulCuriously, despite these common problems, our feet are still too often neglected.

Foot massager - premium model

What is reflexology?

Foot massage, also called foot reflexology, has existed and been practiced in Asia for about 5000 years. It is a medical technique based on the stimulation of reflex zones Thu are located on the arch of the foot.

Foot massager - premium model

This is a alternative medicine, commonly used for loosen the muscles and release the tensions. A growing number of people are interested in it for its virtues soothing et remedial.

Foot massager - premium model
Although useful, this practice nevertheless requires deep knowledge and great experience from the professional masseur. This is why this solution has many limitations for most of us:
  • Location: Access to an expert close to home is difficult
  • Long wait: due to high demand appointments are made in advance.
  • Sessions too short: The séInstitute massage sessions are short: 30-45 min
  • Dear: An institute session is charged on average €70
  • Bad timing: Opening hours are très often incompatible with our agenda


An Effective Modern Solution 

Our Foot Massager allows you to relieve swollen, tired feet and heavy legs from the comfort of your home.

Foot massager - premium model

Unlike institute massages, this device offers you a flexibilityis unequaledYour Massage Device allows à your feet to regain all their agility while making them more flexible and soothed. Cdesigned to help you relax instantly at home or in the office, he saidéjà été adoptingé by thousands of customers concerned about the well-being of their feet.


Benefits Immediate

  • SOOTHE YOUR PAIN AT THE RIGHT TIME Your masseur will allow you to soothe your pain as soon as it appears 
  • MASSAGES AT WILL  Your own masseur is available for you and your loved ones à any time of the dayéand as many times as you wish. 
  • CONSIDERABLE TIME SAVINGÉSADDLE No need to waste a lot of time on transport to go to a specialized center far from home. No more gloomy waiting rooms or endless queues. 

Foot massager - premium model

  • SAVE €700 IN 10 SÉANCES  Did you know? A 30-minute foot massage session in an institute costs an average of €70. Your own foot massager à home can be used at will and for as long as you wish. This representséfeel a considerable saving of money in the long term.
  • RIGOROUSLY TESTED The technology as well as the materials used for the design of this device have been selected to meet the highest standards. Sit back and enjoy a luxurious massage session for your Feet, all at home. 
  • HEATING FUNCTION Your massager features heated red LED lights used in phototherapy for its anti-inflammatory and healing effects. This heating function is intended to provide you with a luxurious spa experience. 

Foot massager - premium model


  • WELL-BEING ASSURED Designed to apply optimal pressure to specific acupuncture points, your Foot Massager stimulates the release of endorphins to invigorate your feet.
  • EASY TO USE. A simple switch allows you to start your relaxation session. Make yourself comfortable on a chair or sofa and then let the device do the rest.
  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT The Foot Massager takes up little space in your home. You can take it everywhere during your long business or leisure travel.
  • AN ORIGINAL AND USEFUL GIFT. A perfect gift for your loved ones in this time of uncertainty. It is a must-have device for every home

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