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Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 1
Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 2
Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 3
Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 4
Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 1
Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 2
Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 3
Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush - 4

Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush

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Lazer COMB™ natural hair regrowth brush
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Tired of your baldness or hair loss? 
Corps & vie™ has the solution for you!
A unique purchase for a unique experience!
Lazer comb™ natural hair regrowth brush - 4

  • As the months go by, your hair is getting thinner and thinner? 
  • Do you see your hair falling out in the shower? 
  • Bald spots starting to appear? 
We can fix it! 
  • Finally a permanent solution against hair loss!
  • A solution that works quickly and does not include expensive surgery or hormonal medication!
    lazer comb™ natural hair regrowth brush
      Why do one in three men lose their hair?
      • Thanks to research, we know that the main cause of hair loss is the fixing of the testosterone dihydro-hormone (DHT) to the hair follicle. 
      • In short..it is a hormone, for years doctors have tried to stop the production of this hormone in the body with drugs. 
      lazer comb™ natural hair regrowth brush
      Why our system provides results quickly? 
      • We use three scientific principles to stop hair loss and grow your hair fast. 
      • Blood flow to the scalp : the presence of nutrients in the blood stimulates and enriches the follicle causing it to remain open, and even to reopen previously closed follicles.  
      • State-of-the-art laser therapy: has been shown to fire the DHT hormone as well as amplify the blood flow already generated by the hairs! When DHT is unlimited from the hair follicle, your hair will grow back strong and healthy!
      • Scalp elasticity : when brushing 
      • 3° the elasticity of the scalp - when you brush your hair, the cumulative effect over the weeks stretches your scalp and makes it more malleable.
      Lazer comb™ natural hair regrowth brush - 2
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