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Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 1
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 2
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 3
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 4
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 5
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 6
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 1
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 2
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 3
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 4
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 5
Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner - 6

Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner

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Net'Oreilles: Smart Ear Cleaner
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The 1st Intelligent Ear Cleaner, Reusable And Without Any Risk

Properly Cleaned Ears

Cotton swabs only clean the ears in appearance, in fact, they push earwax towards the eardrum and this is absolutely not good for the health of the ears. With Net'Oreilles, its innovative cleaning system, the earwax is correctly collected and it is not pushed back towards the eardrum, which leaves a feeling of cleanliness and which leaves the auditory passages well cleared after its use. As for the device, which is based on an endless screw system, it is made of medical silicone; it is called curette and it is very soft.

 Net'oreille: smart ear cleaner

An Innovative And Healthy Silicone Rod

Net'Oreilles is an innovative and healthy device since in no time, it is able to properly clean your ear canals. The curette will never go towards your eardrums to perforate them and it has been developed in such a way that the earwax is evacuated outside the ear canals. All you have to do is turn the curette in the direction indicated, there is even an arrow that indicates this famous direction. Given the complexity and effectiveness of Net'Oreilles, it is normal that health professionals strongly recommend it

Net'oreille: smart ear cleaner

A Good Tool For Ear Health And The Environment

Net'Oreilles is quite simply the new technology at the service of your ears! More effective than cotton swabs, more hygienic and above all much less risky, you can trust it. As a result, by relying on Net'Oreilles, you can reduce your carbon footprint, which is an excellent thing for the environment. . It should also be remembered that this device can be used by all members of a family.

Net'oreille: smart ear cleaner

How it works?

More effective than any cotton swab, it is very easy to use. Simply insert it into the ear and then turn it in the direction of the arrow indicated at the top of the Net'Oreilles to grab and extract the earwax. 

Net'oreille: smart ear cleaner

Technical informations 

  • 1 kit includes: 1 Net'Oreilles + 16 tips 
  • Material: ABS + TPE, safe to use

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