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Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 1
Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 2
Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 3
Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 4
Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 1
Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 2
Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 3
Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 4

Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles

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Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles
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These comfort insoles™ equipped with a unique technology will be enough to relieve your pain. (lifespan: 3 years) 
Pain, fatigue, what an ordeal! 

Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles
Get rid of your pain now: 
  • Flat foot 
  • Pelvic shift 
  • Back pain 
  • Heel spur
  • Alchilian tendonitis 
  • Morton's neurom 
  • heel pain
  • Arch of the foot 
    Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles - 2
    Benefits of Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles
    • End the pain 
    • Reduces fatigue due to back pain
    • Real comfort in all shoes (low shoes, city shoes, moccasins)
    • Suitable for sensitive feet
    • Anti-perspiration 
    • Easy maintenance 
    • Rediscover the joy of walking without pain after a hearty meal!

      Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles
        Body & Life Comfort™ Insoles
        Why Body & Life™ comfort insoles are unique..
        Insoles feature a rigid silicone arch and anti-shock foam to eliminate pain from most foot conditions
        ✅ Light and very thin, the soles have been designed to help you walk comfortably. 
        ✅ They are suitable for both women and men

        • FREE 1 WEEK DELIVERY! 

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